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Sico gifts since 1973.

Marcel Siebens founder Sico
Sico biscuiterie 1958

In 1958, Marcel Siebens and his wife start a wholesale/import business in luxury confectionery. The program includes French biscuits for children and ginger bread, Swiss chocolates, Belgium liqueur pralines; French bonbons and sugar almonds. Soon the scale is extended with “recipients” for these articles, as porcelain small dishes and boxes. After a while, the assortment of porcelain becomes the principal business good. In 1972, the sweet confectionery is abandoned.


The firm in personal name becomes a “pvba” in 1973, the precursor of the actual BVBA. Shortly we must look for a bigger warehouse, and we move to the Balansstraat in Antwerp. Fourteen years later again this warehouse is too small and we move again to Winkelstap 81, in Schoten in the neighbourhood of Antwerp.

Sico logo 1973

Meanwhile two sons of the founder have joined the company. Patrick since 1977 and Luc since 1988. Next to the wholesale/import activity, Sico becomes an agent. The first agency was in 1975 for Rastal. Several other Agencies-Brands followed, but the import remained the most important activity. In the 80’s there is a massive sale in Italian white ceramics. Since 1983 Sico sells the articles from Goebel.

Sico logo 80-90 jaren

A turn is made in January 1991 when Sico becomes the agent for the M.I.Hummel collection. The other brands systematically change from import to agency. This way the costs for storage and transport can be cut down.


Sico is "on-line" since 2001. In 2015, the website was rebuilded from scratch. At the same time, a 2nd website was developed, B2B Gifts, for business gifts between professionals.