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Aris Orbis

Goebel Artis Orbis

Painting Masterpieces on Porcelain and Glass. Classical pieces from famous artists in new forms and dimensions - Artis Orbis presents artworks of world-famous artists as collector’s or decorative editions. Complex production processes and high quality handicraft make it possible to combine elegance and style. The exclusive, partially limited, selection of gifts and accessories from Artis Orbis make it possible to re-experience great art.

Refine your personal atmosphere with masterpieces of art history. Noble materials, highest quality and complete handcraftsmanship are the hallmarks of the Artis Orbis collection: Fine porcelain and bone china - The “White Gold” is more than simply a mixture of kaolin, feldspar and quartz. It is fragile, valuable, useful and decorative. A higher portion of bone ash makes “bone china” especially subtle and translucent. Mouth-blown glass - most articles in the Artis Orbis Glass Collection are mouth-blown and therefore unique. Small air bubbles and irregularities document the intricate production process in traditional handcraftsmanship. Complex print technique - Ceramic colours are used for our print decoration, created in small quantities with traditional techniques. Often, 18 and more colours are required to closely reproduce the true-to-original atmosphere of the work of art. After application by hand they are fired at temperatures of up to 800° centigrade. Genuine gold decor - up to 18 % pure gold additionally refines our decors and makes each piece a small treasure.

  • Masterpieces on porcelain and glass
  • Artworks of world-famous artists
  • Exclusive collector's and decorative editions
  • An experience of great art redefined in gifts and accessories

Artis Orbis 2016 catalogue pdf

Artis Orbis

Delamonica - Michael Parkes - Johan Laurents Jensen - Auguste Renoir - Vincent van Gogh - Claude Monet - Alphonse Mucha - Gustav Klimt

Pop Art

Romero Britto - Markuss Goepfert - Burton Morris - James Rizzi - Joanna Charlotte

Goebel - Artis Orbis

Klimt porcelain vaser

Porcelain vase Gustav Klimt

Goebel - Artis Orbis

Porcelain vase - the fulfilment, the expectation - limited edition 2500 pieces. height 45 cm

Goebel Vincent van Gogh

Umbrella Almond Tree

Goebel - Artis Orbis

Vincent van Gogh - Almond Tree umbrella. height 80 cm / ∅ 90 cm. advice retail price 24,95 €

Goebel Romero Britto Best Friend

Porcelain figurine - Best Friend

Goebel - Artis Orbis

Romero Britto - Pop Art - Best Friend. Porcelain figurine limited 1000 pieces with certificate. Height 37 cm

Artis Orbis - Masterpieces on porcelain and glass

Goebel is situated in Rödental Germany. Sico is the agent for Belgium and Luxembourg.

Burton Morris tealight

Burton Morris - Pop Art - tealight

Popl red and Popl blue - tealights. Superbe Pop Art from Burton Morris. Height 11,5 cm
Delamonica clock

Delamonica - Don Quixote Clock

Artis Orbis - Delamonica. Wall-clock in glass ∅ 30,5 cm
Alphonse Mucha jewel

Alphonse Mucha - Amulet jewel

Necklace / porcelain / gold-plated. With a textile corde with fastening 58 cm. Topaz from Alphonse Mucha. ∅ 5,5 cm
Markus Gopfert espresso

Markus Gopfert - Espressotasses

The artist translate some of the world's master-paintings into Pop-Art. With contemporary colours and design elements. He builds the bridge between Classic and actual Pop Art.