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PLumeria the museum collection

The PLUMERIA Masterpiece Collection is a tribute to the most important painters in history.

The PLUMERIA Masterpiece Collection has been individually manufactured by highly trained, experienced and skilled craftsmen and meets the high standards of quality required by our customers.

Which masterpiece are you?
In the collection you will find masterpieces from the greatest artists on daily accessoires. All accessories are user-friendly and manufactured for daily use. So which masterpiece fits with you?
In the assortment you will find shoppers, bags, purses, squares, scarfs, smartphone backs, cases, mousepads, glasses cases and more.

  • The greatest artists
  • Everyday accessories
  • Timeless Masterpieces
  • Original products that stands out!

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Plumeria shopper


Shopper and shoulder bags

Shopper bags are 35 x 32 x 12 cm. Available with 'The Kiss' from Gustav Klimt and many others impressionists as Mucha, Claude Monet, Jean Beraud, Renoir and the Dutch painters Vincent Van Gogh and Jan Vermeer.

Plumeria laptop bags


Protective laptop bags

Put your piece of art laptop in another piece of art. The laptopbags are protective and fits pefectly. The range exists als for Ipad's and tablets. Laptopbags are 37 x 28 x 5 cm, for the Ipad's 21 x 26 cm. Which masterpiece are you?

Plumeria smartphone backcases


Smartphone backcases

Change your standard black, white or gray backcover with a famous painting. You will have the most orignal smartphone among all your friends. The backcases are available for Iphone's 4, 4 and 6 and Samsung's S4, S4M and S5.

Plumeria - The museum collection

Plumeria is situated in Vienna Austria. Sico is the agent for Belgium and Luxembourg.

plumeria small shopper

Claude Monet - Japanese bridge

Small shopper bag 22 x 32 x 10 cm
plumeria cosmetic bag

Gustav Klimt - The Virgin

Cosmetic bag 11 x 18 x 8 cm
Plumeria silk scarfs

Egon Schiele Stationary girl

100% Silk scarf or in Crepe de Chine
Plumeria glasses cases

Gustav Klimt - The Kiss

Glasses cases with cleaning cloth