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Atenas all our fabrics are protected with 3 layers that consist on a high quality special treatment that protects the fabric against dirt and stains. Liquids run off the surface, so spilled liquids and food are repelled and easy to remove (even wine, butter and sauces!). This is an amazing advantage as this protection allows less frequent washing and keeps the fabric looking new for longer time.

About Atenas

Atenas Home Textile is a Spanish family-owned company founded in 1979. Now in its second generation, it has been established for over 40 years as a leading brand in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of home textiles both nationally and internationally. The company designs its own collections, catering to both individual consumers and professionals, and works to offer its customers creations inspired by the latest trends, of excellent quality, and with its own distinctive style.


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Atenas 2024

Atenas product range

Atenas Bath


Tablecloths treated with acrylic resin and anti-stain coating. They repel dirt and are easy to clean. Perfect for domestic and hospitality use. The ideal combination of practicality and style.

Atenas Bath


Bathroom collection with quality and design. Discover the magic curtain, easy to remove and install in 5 seconds. Wide range of towels, rugs, and specialized hospitality service.

Atenas Bath


Exclusive quilts, sheets, and throws. Quality and design that make a difference. Vibrant colors, pastels, prints, and reversibles. Give personality to your bedroom with our unique collection.

Atenas Bath


Wide range of curtains for home or business. Sheer curtains, decorative curtains, and blackout curtains. Decorate with style following the latest trends. Find the perfect design for each space.